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At first, i was really hesitant to read the novel because of the authors’ name.
I don’t know why it annoyed me so much that i don’t have the intention of reading it, if not for it’s inclusion on the popular 1001 list. Well, we don’t have to judge a book by its cover, but let us also put into consideration of not minding the author’s surname.

The story is basically about the adventures of a 29-year-old heroine, Isadora Wing. Although Isadora is somehow indulge in her sexual fantasies, she is illustrated by author as fierce and intelligent and her being opinionated brings much entertainment to the story. She tells the account of her relationships in a voice that doesn’t really show she was very proud of herself and her antics. The story involves a lot of sexual encounters in detailed prose but in a poetic way so i can say it’s also funny and heartbreaking without being sentimental. Well at least i sympathize with the heroine. I also enjoyed reading all of its characters for some of them tends to criticize Isadora, which just makes the heroine more believable and human.

And with these, I started to feel for feminism, really. I can also point out that this is the novel I’ve read that starts my fascination on the subject of feminism. But of course, there can’t be a male feminist so I cannot consider myself as one. :p Well, after reading this one, I always try to find something which shares the same theme but constantly fail for what I’ve discover always pale in comparison.

You’ll get to know more about the heroine once you’re at the middle part of the book, and here you’ll start to feel her dilemma and hang-ups. I guess she’ll never be satisfied not because she looks for something better but because she is lined up with chauvinists. But of course she’s just confuse (who else isn’t anyway) in terms of decision making, on what to do, and what to analyze which will benefit her more. But just ends always and is caught up in between. Being true to herself and just to choose and recognize her sexual needs, there are things which makes me root for the protagonist. The novel also makes me think that even though the battle between the sexes always exist, feminism is not the solution when one feels cheated, betrayed or feel inferior to her acquaintances. That in the end, we all need each other in order for us to survive. Unless one’s a lesbian, now feminism is applicable this time.

Fear of Flying is a highly acclaimed novel on the development of the second-wave feminism. Became famously controversial just after its publication in 1973 for its heroine’s honesty which speaks of women’s dilemma and inner sexual feelings. Critics consider the novel as a powerful account on the feminist canon, and it is a novel that is definitely deserves to be read. I never enjoyed reading women’s lives, psychology and sexuality until I’ve read this particular novel. I highly recommend this one to everyone. ^_^