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My copy’s surfacing. lol.    

The novel is a about an unknown woman (for she has no stated name) who goes back to her local town (I guess for the validation of her childhood memories) together with a couple of friends (one, a lover) and to search for her missing father. While looking for her father’s whereabouts, she starts to concentrate much of her life’s decision and choices that leads her to question everything she has done and finally submits herself in an animal-like (it would be pretty judgmental to say kind) of living. I guess the heroine’s very confuse and doesn’t have any idea whom to trust and lean on to thus the reason for her peculiar submission. How the novel concludes is a bit of touching and satisfying for I think for the main character’s realization rings true in each of us that all in all in the end, (though cliché) no man’s an island.  A must-read feminist (if I may say) classic from one of my favorite female authors.