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This novel is sequel to Erica Jong’s first novel Fear of Flying as it continues the adventures of the ever energetic heroine, Isadora Wing. One thing that is remarkable about HTSYOL is that of it’s unique characters, that you can still recall them after you’ve close the book. They have their own virtues that at one point I’ve thought this should have been entitled as “The Book of Virtues”. Although one might say that this doesn’t surpass her previous effort, there are a lot of things you have to look for (and can be just found here) and shouldn’t missed. Jong’s prose is as insightful and poetic as her other works that I enjoyed reading this one and whipped my reading speed to a racing pace. Hmm, if feminist themes, adultery, lesbianism and orgy (though it’s not only about those) doesn’t interest you that much, I still might persuade you to try on reading this one for it’s female narrator is as interesting as your neighbor’s headlines. Though not an entry for the 1001 list, this one’s included on Anthony Burgess’s (author of A Clockwork Orange) list of the best 99 novels published in English from 1939 to 1984.