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Rashomon and others stories is a thin piece of a book but with thick clever wisdom and originality. I guess that’s the main reason why this one’s included on the list. Rashomon is composed of six (short) stories of different themes. The title story is an account of some tragedy in which it is narrated in a confessional manner by the involved characters. However, I guess none of them was telling the truth (for it would be pointless if the main culprit is revealed), or I don’t know if you have to argue and reason out your chosen side.

Others stories in this book contains themes like ignorance of the matter can harm anyone, make believe things do come true if you put your heart in it and history reveals itself that if you really want something and have it, you don’t really want it. A fast and entertaining read especially if you’re a fan of (anything) Japanese literature like me. Rashomon has been made into a play and was an international film festival prize-winner. You guys should also check on that.