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Before I start my review, I’ll admit that I got spoiled long before reading the novel. If not for it’s inclusion on the list, I wouldn’t bother myself on this one after the incident. How I wished I got spoiled on other Christie novel but not on this. I was really disappointed! It’s like reading the novel for the second time that in fact I’ve only read a couple of lines! (with this, I hate spoilers from now on and my apology goes for the one’s I spoiled before. sorry guys).

One can’t unlearn something recent from their minds do they? And for my continuous attempt to deny the fact that I’m not really aware of whom the suspect is, (which is unsuccessful of course) that I start to accept things as they are and just focus on my reading. The weakness of the novel I guess is the revelation of the most important part of the story before reading it of course. Because once you know it, everything falls into place. And its strongest would be the sparing of the important facts until you get to them one by one.

It really is hard for me to continue for I guess there’s no point in doing once you’re spoiled but the story begs to be read that you’ll see yourself flipping the pages fast pace (though occasionally, I ask myself what would I’ve been thinking if I didn’t have the idea. would it be predictable for me? will it stands as one of the novels in which deducing the criminal is almost impossible with the reader? I really don’t know). This particular Christie story presents us with ingredients present in majority of her books, blackmailing, a group of suspects, of course murder, and the Detective Hercule Poirot. Every suspect involved, (is interrogated by Poirot) narrates their share of what they’re doing before and after the murder is committed. The reader is likely to be confused since there’s no way in telling who speaks the truth for all their alibis are someway connected with each other. As Poirot often declares, ” that everyone has a secret” which obscures the real facts about the crime.

I hope that you wouldn’t get what I mean once you’ve got your hands on this particular title. One thing that I am very sure of is that you’ll be shocked with the revelation that is unfortunately lifted away from me because of the stupid spoiler. It’s like an anesthesia, incapable of feeling feelings. Oh well, but I do recommend this one to everyone. A great read, no kidding.