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I’ve been always on the look out for something new to read or if I didn’t find any, I go back to classics or children’s literature. Well, it’s not really fitting to call them children’s literature since some of its themes are not really meant for young ones hence I guess the reason why they are now called young adult fiction.

I think The Pigman is considered as a young adult classic since i get to see a lot of different covers plus the way critics praise the book like it is a must-read. Honestly, i was a bit disappointed about the book. The novel is narrated alternately by John and Lorraine on which they called their memorial epic about Mr. Pignati (whom they nicknamed The Pigman) that serves as an account of what happened before and after they met the old man.

There are not many inconsistencies on how they tell their share of what has happened since John and Lorraine’s account are pretty much the same. The only differences between them are just on how they react and feel for things. I really don’t know the reason but I find Lorraine to be a bit of annoying (maybe because of her being ambivalent) that I force myself to read fast to skip her narratives and to see what John will have to say. I really don’t blame each of their parents for having negative portrayals, (as I have nothing to do with them) but one might blame them for their children’s actions. As the book declares, that life’s what you make it. And please, don’t be a busybody for every action has its consequences and that’s just it. You can pass on this one.