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As I always remember, there isn’t a second hand bookshop who doesn’t have a copy of any V.C. Andrews title. One might be curious to pick up her book (including myself) because of their number, you might think it’s really popular. But of course, i was also curious about the plot because i find it creepy and bizarre so I just pick it up with my hands (the power to put it back) hoping that this one’s not trashy.

Yes, the book doesn’t have any literary qualities to consider this as a classic novel. But it doesn’t mean that this isn’t entertaining. The story is narrated by Cathy, the second to the eldest of  four siblings (the younger ones are twins). Cathy’s just coming of age so the usual rants and a disappointment (as if the current situation is not enough) goes along her narration. She’s pretty annoying at first but you’ll sympathize with her once you get through the shocking parts.  At first I though the novel was not that convincing because how can a mother agrees to lock up her children upstairs in the attic? Although the reason behind it is revealed almost at the last couple of pages, I find it very realistic for it can possibly happen to anyone specially those who are taken up by their selfishness. Not to mention their cruel grandmother that makes life a living hell for them, but in fairness to her she is seen by one of the children praying. Yes, she’s very cruel but she has reasons to do so I guess.

I also couldn’t blame Cathy and Chris (her elder brother) to do something very nasty, if you know what I mean. Well, they’re lock up inside for almost three years! All in all, the novel is exciting as its plot but is slow in pace as you get near to the end of the book. The ending I think is quite triumphant for the siblings, though readers might find it disappointing if not for the obvious sequel. Good read. The novel was also adapted into a major motion picture.