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Mr. Irving’s third novel is (can I say just?) about wife-swapping of two-couples. Consented adultery, ménage a quatre, all agrees to the adjustment. In short, they arrange it. If you liked the idea, I guess you’ll probably like the novel too.

The subject of this one has some pretty obvious consequences and results that makes the novel predictable. The characters are interesting as always from Mr. Irving but I have to choose between sides on this one unlike from his other works that I get to loved everyone even the minor ones.  The narrator’s wife Utchka, has an interesting background but I find her annoying as well as Severin, the other couple’s husband. Her wife Edith I guess is much more likeable than others because she just seems real among others. And I don’t have anything to say about the narrator since he just narrates the story and just plays safe in my opinion.

The novel’s topic I guess is just like one of the ideas to spring later on which makes The World According to Garp memorable and fascinating.  I hate to say this again for the sake of my favorite writer but this is definitely not his best effort. Just try to look at this one when you’ve consumed all his bests. But I have to say this is insightful and clever, things which make Mr. Irving a wonderful writer.