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I have to admit I got curious not just because of the image cover but the thought that this novel might possibly evoke the feeling I felt for Erica Jong’s acclaimed novel, Fear of Flying. Ms. Jong’s heroine might not set as a good example to puritans but at least it tries to set an originality that anyone can relate to. The heroine also encounters a situation which tries to test her moral which she triumphantly surpasses in my opinion. Anyway, I am not to make this review to brag about other titles with the same theme. But I’m really not sure of what to say about this one. Ms. Blume is very popular for her young adult books which mainly cater school children and young adult readers and this particular title is her debut novel as an adult writer.

The heroine of this novel in my opinion doesn’t have a chance to live her life to the fullest in each time. She’s sick most of her childhood days so she doesn’t have much something to do but rest. So when she got the chance to perform her missed opportunities, which results to her being a hypocrite. Though I guess she doesn’t think much of her actions and its consequences. The novel just empowers her being carelessness for it doesn’t show her atones for what she does and I just wish she got busted and caught in the act by her husband and sister.  The novel has sex scenes in detailed prose that I’ll admit I flinch a bit, but was that that just interest me to buy this one? Or was it just that parts makes the novel interesting? I think I’m certain I’m missing something here. Don’t know what it is. Try to find out for yourselves guys; I’m willing to give away my own copy.