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Evie Decker is your average (at least for the people who surround her), shy and plump teenager living with her considerate father and hours and hours of silence to fill her every day. Then one night she hears a local rock singer on the radio and becomes instantly attracted to his voice. Evie then starts to search for him and when she does, burst out of her lonely shell. What’s more to catch a singer’s attention than to slash her own forehead with his name?

Ms. Tyler’s third novel retains her gift for characterization and dialogue. Her characters just don’t talk just to say something but feel as if you just know them and they’re alive. The ending is a bit to depressing but I guess there’s no other way to end the story and I wouldn’t want to witness a surprising and farfetched conclusion. This novel is also adapted to screen with the same title, and I just wonder why they would make the plump Evie to a more anorexic character. Was it to portray her fragility? I have Adele in mind as Evie when I was reading the novel and that just makes me feel for the protagonist and much to care for her.  Ms. Tyler makes you care so much for her characters enough to make you look for her other works.