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The novel is about a tale (I’ll omit the word shocking) of marriage ravaged by doubt, suspicion and jealousy of a closely knit educated family. Irene Rutledge is an ace student with grades to impress anyone, sophisticated and with good reasoning. That’s why her best friend Gloria doesn’t wonder why her friend attracts every guy on campus. What she doesn’t understand is that of all to be involved with, why with the weird Frank Mattison? Thanks for the two of them being an intelligent people that they we’re able to go on with their relationship. And with their marriage makes Irene suspect Frank of hiding something for he doesn’t invite anyone from his family and is obviously hiding something from his past. Then suddenly, Frank’s sister comes to the scene which he denounced in front of many people and tells Irene to promise not to see her again. For Irene, seeing her is not really a bad idea for she can see she’s a well-mannered lady.

With the birth of their only daughter comes the succession of Irene’s suspicion about her husband. He starts to become possessive about his only daughter and for Irene to start with her own investigation which will lead to murder.

The novel is a well-written psychological thriller which confuses you in a good way whether to take Irene or Frank’s side of the story until the last parts of the story. I loved its dialogue and how the conversation goes on. There are passages which I’ve quoted before that I find very enjoyable. The author’s descriptions are exceptional and original and things I’ve never had read before. One thing I didn’t like about the story is its very reason for their daughter’s actions. Yes, I guess it can possibly happened before but it’s not that shocking. This makes me brag that I’m not that easily shock with supposedly shocking revelations. The ending is a bit sad which patches up my disappointments that makes this particular novel very readable.

Opening Sentences: You never think this kind of thing really happens to people who’ve been to college.

Ending Sentences: I choose not to reveal the last sentences for fear of spoiling readers.