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One might brag about being a Harry Potter Fan, a Twilight fanatic or some young-adult books that propelled not only on the bestsellers list but of having a reputation for being popular not just with kids but also for adults. Well I’m going to say I’m a GONE fan even though I really don’t doubt that you’ve never heard it before but here. Although GONE uses some classical plots which will make you think especially classical readers of The Lord of the Flies with Battle Royale combined, I think the author has its originality and doesn’t just use some device to play around to make it new or original but put something to it far more behind than what some thinks he copies. Since the author is husband to the author of Animorphs Series for young readers, I get the feeling I was reading some science-fiction adventure, Fox Kids-like show on print which makes my imagination with limitations. Like it was playing on my mind with the obvious cheap and computer generated graphics. But don’t get me wrong there until you’ve heard the plot of the story.

In the blink of an eye, everyone disappears except for the young ones ages fourteen and below. With everyone’s disappearance, no cops, no teachers, no parents and all, surely there’s no way to get some help. With the bullies arise, sinister creature threatens and mutating animals, it’s not hard to imagine the new terrifying world. Some of the teens develop unimaginable powers and super-human abilities and tries to rule against others. Their birthdays are one too, for they’ll disappear just like everyone else.

GONE is really an exciting thriller with all the blood and action, I never thought I would consume all 558 pages in an easy gulp. Never does the author’s pace slows or gets boring. I loved the dialogue too and the characters are believable and very well-written that compels me to choose sides. I can’t praise a book enough for its pleasure and I don’t want my review to be overrated but I’ve really enjoyed it. After closing the book, I look at it for a couple of times thinking if I’ve already finished it and when I’m sure I did, I find myself compelled to read it again.

Though it has some obvious sequels which I am aware of, GONE (the first book in the GONE series) can stand alone on its own. But trust me; you can’t control yourselves not to read the sequels.

Opening Sentences: One minute the teacher was talking about the Civil War. And the next minute he was gone.

Ending Sentences: I choose not to reveal the last sentences for fear of spoiling readers.