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The novel is about Noel Cummings, a young and handsome recent widower.  And the innocent witness to a brutal murder. With this, Noel becomes the police bait in tracking the killer’s identity. He is also plummeted into a night world which is not familiar with his recent life, a world he knows nothing about-New York’s gay bars and discos. Until he becomes trapped between the most alluring woman he ever met and her magnetic and dangerous lover. Until there is nowhere for Noel Cummings to turn. No one to turn to and no turning back.

The Lure is a terrifying and believable thriller that really whipped my reading speed to racing pace. The kind of novel which you want to finished in one sitting. The revelations are very well-laid on every part which makes it much more exciting and the characters are not just cardboard cut-outs for they act as if they’re really thinking and played the part successfully. It’s like even not just standing there to depend on the main protagonists actions. This is one of the thrillers I find exceptionally well-written and is one of the satisfying I’ve read so far. If I am to read again from the books I’ve finished before which I rarely do, this one is surely included.

Opening Sentence: The serene icy morning was shattered by a scream.

Ending Sentence: I choose not to reveal the last sentences for fear of spoiling readers.