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I Look Divine is Christopher Coe’s first novel and is written in a terrifying and seductive prose. It is about a man who recalls his adventures together with his brother, Nicholas. Nicholas is a vain, clever, poetic, wealthy and extravagant who poses and flirts in the stylish bars throughout the world. His brother the narrator becomes his witness and victim enchanted and repelled by Nicholas’ antics. There is nothing shocking and terrifying that happen in the novel but the author’s narratives makes my eye bulge and my hands tremble with fear for how he narrates the story.  How he makes the image of Nicholas to his readers to be original and scary in some way.

I Look Divine is a 109-page novel that I’ve read in no time. However, I really can’t shake-off Nicholas out of my mind and with the knowledge that the author of this great novel is dead, makes it harder for me to forget the novel. Not that I associated Mr. Christopher with Nicholas but I regret his passing that I am sure we will continue to receive more masterpieces if he was still alive.

Opening Sentence: My brother would not smile for a photograph.

Ending Sentence: I do not know if Nicholas remembered what he read to me in laughter, or if he knew, through all the years that he could see himself posed against it, framed in mirrors in this room, that the wall of skulls behind him was where the winners’ heads were laid.