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If the suspecting reader hasn’t read anything from Agatha Christie (much for who doesn’t have any idea who she is), with her thrilling stories, her memorable and interesting characters, her exciting twist, involving storylines, her devilish plots lavished with insightful and informative storytelling, then I’m sure you’re missing something. With that, I hope I have convinced everyone to read any title from her. Sleeping Murder is one of Christie’s novels for her posthumous publication and being the last Jane Marple Case (the other being Curtains, branded as the last Hercule Poirot Mystery, another ingenious detective from Christie).

The story starts when a couple from New Zealand comes to England looking for their first home. As it was the husband’s native land, she sends her wife first to carefully choose something of her fancy leading Gwenda to a Victorian Villa known as Hillside. She spends a day or two at the place when a strange feeling of déjà vu starts to invade her privacy. Then she starts to feel an irrational fear and terror every time she climbed the stairs.  A vision of a woman who is strangled to death on the front hall, visions to premeditate on what is to happen, and a feeling as if she can recall her childhood vividly in this house, these queer feelings makes her start to consult Ms. Marple and kindly suggest to let sleeping murder lie. But then Gwenda together with her husband (even with Ms. Marple’s warning) starts to unravel what has take place on the house some time ago that possibly involves her father as the culprit of the murder.

I never remember myself being disappointed in any Christie novel I’ve read. There is always something special in every one of her titles and it is to say that she has never repeated something in her story. I have also applied what I’ve read from her before to make it predictable or to know who the culprit is but failed as always. She perfectly captures the sense of being terrified by something we don’t have an idea of what it is. Like the feeling when I was a kid, after we’ve watched something scary on TV, I run upstairs and cautiously look at my back as if someone is after me (am I doing it until now?). And what would you do if your home alone and you’ve just heard someone cleared its throat?

Although this is the last Jane Marple Mystery, if you’ve never read an Agatha Christie novel before, this is one of the perfect place to start. This is probably one of her best and it also makes me realize how talented she is as a writer. She definitely saved the best for last; you’ll never regret reading this one.

The novel is also adapted filmed for TV in 1987.