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As we are all familiar on how Sleeping Beauty awakes from her hundred years of sleep and as it being the end of a classic fairy-tale towards its happy-ever-after conclusion. Anne Rice’s erotic spin to a fairy tale classic starts-off when the charming Prince awakens our heroine by initiating sexual activity.

In this erotic and uninhibited second novel from Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty Trilogy, we follow Beauty as she is forcefully transferred from her luxurious life in the castle with high authority to being sentenced to slavery in a neighboring village for willfully disobeying the Prince and the Queen herself (despite being their favorite) in an act of S&M and bondage.

I’ve made the error of starting here -the middle of the trilogy- which results to some minor confusion. Although the author provides us the share of what was primarily happened on the first-part, it’ll still leaves you unanswered questions. You’ll surely missed the fantasy aspect of the story which is present on the first book and take this novel as life-like, like what it really presents. As Beauty is transferred to the village which inhabits villagers from all kinds, I myself wonder how these people are capable of acquiring slaves with the kind of life they lived. And not just slaves for labor but for sexual pleasure. So I highly suggest that before going through this one, reading the first part would really do you a favor.

What follows as one might call Beauty’s escapades while deprived of clothes are a series of spanking, public humiliation and being dressed up as a horse -complete with tailss attached to their hooha- to pull wagons and other embarrassing and degrading acts to supply every town people’s entertainment. With this, the reader might just find the novel to be lacking in motion and pace. As the novel continuously supplies us with those spankings and before one becomes tired of it all, the plot starts to pick-up and becomes psychologically satisfying (for its insight about why a slave behaves like they do) towards the end.

If one does have an open mind about various psychological behaviors and different aspects of sexuality, this book is not to be missed. With Rice’s insightful and graceful narrative present in all of her works, this is a classic in a sense in the erotic genre. Beauty’s Punishment is published at first under Anne Rice’s pseudonym, A. N. Roquelaure.

Opening Sentences: The morning star was just fading in the violet sky as the huge wooden cart, crowded with naked slaves moved slowly over the castle drawbridge.

Ending Sentences: Her upturned mouth found Tristan’s mouth, as their jubilant captors redoubled the strength of the spanks, eager hands pressing Tristan and Beauty ever tighter together.