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The Dark Fields is an exciting and hip novel about the risk of human ambition for power. Imagine a drug that has the ability to make one a super human. A drug that can make your brain function with perfect precision and efficiency, a resource to stimulate your full potential, resources, creativity and drive. Imagine yourself being able to digest a certain thick book with 100% comprehension in just a space of an evening, learn a foreign language so quickly you could converse with a foreigner like a native, and study a complicated instrument and transform yourself into a talented musician. Eddie Spinola is on such a pill, a drug that is called MDT-48 and its effects are redesigning his life.

But with every drug; it is inevitable that it has its share of undesirable and side-effects –like any other drug of course- and its making Eddie’s life a living hell despite the drug’s superb gifts. Thus begins Eddie’s unraveling of the true origins of the wonder drug and the mystery behind his dealer’s death.

If I were to point out one thing on what got me about the book, it would probably just the premise. After reading the plot at the back of the cover, I didn’t hesitate to buy the novel for the storyline sounds too exciting that I am sure this is such a thrilling read. However, one thing I didn’t like about the novel is its length, come on, it just has 341 pages but I guess some of its part is really unnecessary. And making the novel a short one would give a chance for loopholes to appear, and a reader is likely to conclude that the novel is somewhat rush. Bottom-line is I think the novel should undergo minor editing.

Having said the negatives, I should make way for the good parts and the premise is just enough to cover things up, the possibilities of what the drug can do stimulates readers mind, I too wished that the drug exist. How the author manages to explain even the complicated stock market is just enlightening that makes things much more convincing of what the drug’s capabilities. Though the novel tends to slow in pace at the middle part, it quickly catches with the plot until its inevitable end. I wouldn’t spoil the ending but it would be a higher achievement for the author if he manages to supply the story with a more meaty resolution.

And I am just glad to read the novel before learning about the plans for it to be adapted to screen.

The Dark Fields is adapted into a movie in 2011 with a different title, Limitless starring Bradley Cooper .

Opening Sentence. It’s getting late.

Ending Sentence: I choose not to reveal the last sentences for fear of spoiling readers.