About me.


I’m a book lover to the fullest extent. I read anytime as much as possible (even while walking, yeah) and i hate doing nothing so my idle time is consumed up by my reading. Thus my being the Book Eater. If i could just eat books to absorb them, sigh. I mean it literally.

I write short stories and my so called poetry. I write anything that instantly comes on my mind though it is heavily edited when it’s done. I really don’t dwell on the past but i have penchant for old stuffs, so i write things which makes one feel nostalgic. I love talking (as much as writing) and can relate on anything, but don’t expect me to be on your side every time since i considered criticism as a form of art.

I’m not rich but i own a lot of books, i walk rather than ride, i read rather than play and i ask rather than pretending to know something. My phones not 3g, i’d rather send a letter than text you, i listen to the radio every night, i write poems when i feel like it and i write short stories whenever a thought comes in my mind. I love to draw before i got hooked on books, that my planned comics just turns out to be short stories. I don’t really have the time now to devote myself to drawing unless it’s the job i’m payed for.

I’m your average type of guy and i don’t have something much to brag about myself except for my being a registered nurse which i really want to practice soon and still hoping. I can blend with any type of person easily that i don’t have the time to adjust myself with the situation and to be hypocrite. And yes, i guess i am sometimes so ‘feeling close’  that i can tell instantly if you don’t want my company. With this i’ll just leave immediately without feeling bitter. I’m kind to anyone but i ‘think’ if it goes overboard.

I want to live longer and enjoy life to it’s fullest, filled it with things i love and share it with different kinds of people.

You can  add me on my Facebook account. Its @:  neo_garde25@yahoo.com

What do you say? ^_^ I’ll appreciate every comment you make.


27 thoughts on “About me.”

  1. Rock on, man.

  2. ha ha ha, nice! so write any genra of stories? that’s great you know!


  3. https://www.facebook.com/pages/DJs-tagalog-Roamance-Collections/250811204935482 if your reading tagalog romance then you might as well drop by to my page at facebook 😀 thanks!

  4. Pretty catchy blog title. 🙂
    Cheers. 🙂

  5. Hey.

  6. you sound like an interesting person^_^ i don’t have the kind of burning love you have with books, i ride rather than walk, i play/sleep rather than read, and i stopped listening to the radio a long time ago. but i also “want to live longer and enjoy life to it’s fullest, filled it with things i love and share it with different kinds of people.”

    Siguro pwede tayong mag-kape minsan? 🙂

  7. hey bro. thanks for dropping by my site. :-). will add you also on my blog list. great posts. 🙂

  8. nice. a man after my own heart. 🙂

  9. Andaming libro! PAAAAAK!

  10. Hey Marco! I’m a bibliophile too but it seems we have different interest. I’m a very slow-reader when it comes to novels but I enjoy reading non-fiction books.

    Below are some related posts for you and your readers:

    -List of Books I Read. Check if you’ve read anything from my list. 🙂

    -Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Reading

    -10 Reasons Why We Stop Reading A Book


    • Hey Adrian,
      Thanks for visiting my blog really appreciate it, hope you can come here again. ^_^

      Yeah, I am a fan of non-fiction too and self-help references though i don’t know how to review them but just recommend it to others.

      High five,
      Marco ^_^

  11. OMG! I know I love reading but I don’t think we’re on the same level. You’re one level up.

  12. You’d rather send a letter than text. Haha. I prefer email better. 😀 Anyway, I just dropped by.

  13. wow you are a writer too??? cool! I am a self-published Filipino indie author… I wanna check your works… Are you in Goodreads??? I am John Marvin Enore there =P and I love yoout ur taste of books… It seems we have a lot of taste… How many books do you think you possess?

  14. theprettymonster said:

    Love Your blog I wish I could be as sharp as you 🙂

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